Think Like a Man Too


This weekend I went to see Think Like a Man Too. I enjoyed this movie. Kevin Hart and a long list of excellent actors and actresses, bought this movie to life. This is the sequel to Think Like a Man. It is not a continuation of the first one, but if you want more character knowledge you can see the first movie.

Everyone loves a wedding and most people love Vegas. Put those two together and you have a weekend full of fun and disaster. The crew from Think Like a Man, comes together again to bring comedy and relationship advice.


So, You Want to Play With Magic?

This week’s movie is Maleficent. Maleficent, was MAGNIFICENT! It did not fail to impress, from the special effects to the acting. Angelina Jolie, did a wonderful job portraying Maleficent. I don’t believe another actress could play the role as well as she did. This is truly the story of Maleficent. It’s not your normal fairy tale.



Everyone knows the story of Sleeping Beauty, but have you heard the truth? Maleficent, is the evil queen that curses Princess Aurora. On Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, she will fall into a sleep that is like death, and can only be awaken by true love’s kiss. But why, did she curse the princess? Was she always “evil”? Things are not always what they seem.


Comedy and Super Heroes

Well hello out there! I took a couple of years off but so what. I’m back and I don’t intend to disappoint.

In the last month I’ve seen two movies. One hilarious the other great! I watched Seth Rogan and Zac Efron in “Neighbors” and Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy in “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. Both great movies.

“Neighbors”, was very raunchy and hilarious. Two neighbors collide in opinion when Zac Efron and his fraternity move into Seth Rogan’s neighborhood. Bringing parties and no sleep for the new parent couple next door.


Last night I went to see “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. Excellent movie! For all Super Hero fans who know the story line you won’t be disappointed. I think if you’ve seen the other X-Men movies, including the Wolverine orgins, you will follow this movie fine. As for myself, which I will admit, I’ve only seen X-Men: First Class, I had a few questions.

When the government has found a way to wipe out all mutants by using their own powers against them. Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), has to travel back in time to offset the events of the future. When told by Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), the key to changing the future is by killing the one and only Mystique.


Lost and Found (circa 2011)

I’M BACK!!!…I know it’s been awhile, but better now then never and hopefully I will never take that long of a break again. Although I haven’t updated my blog since 2010, I have been in the theaters and I’ve seen 10 movies! Some we’re really good others not so much.

Well let’s start with the “not so much” category. First up is “Hall Pass” maybe it’s just a man thing but I really didn’t care for it. I do believe the male audience will appreciate the humor of this movie more than the female audience. Not the worst movie
I’ve ever seen BUT not the best. You’ve heard me mention it this before, this is a wait until DVD movie(which is probably on DVD now).

Second would be Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake’s “Bad Teacher”. I didn’t love it at all. It was predictable and just not that good. The best part about it, for me, was the fact that I forget that Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are or once were a couple didn’t see any chemistry during the movie.

Last and definitetly the worst movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon. I know there are many many Transformers fans but I really didn’t enjoy it. Maybe it was the 3D I don’t know but I really didn’t enjoy it.

Now to the movies that I enjoyed. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s Just Go With It was a good movie. Maybe I’m a little bias because I LOVE all of Adam Sandler movies. I laughed and enjoyed the entire movie. This movie I know is on DVD already and I would recommend it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides  was everything that I expected. Johnny Depp does the usual great job as Jack Sparrow. I just love the character Jack Sparrow and I believe only Johnny Depp can make this character come alive time after time. I’ve seen all of the Pirated of the Caribbean movies but you don’t have to see all of them to follow this one. There are some characters and stories behind the characters that are mentioned but you don’t need to see the other movies to follow this one. Which I think is a great thing becuase this series doesn’t have to end.

Well since the first one I mentioned in my top “5” favorite movies I HAD to go see the sequal to The Hangover. I will be honest the The Hangover 2 was not as good as the first one but it was still funny. I enjoyed it enough to go see it a second time. The one thing I disliked about the movie was it was the same exact story line from before. If you seen the first one you will pick it up as soon as the search for the “missing person” starts. I will say just like I did about the first movie, THIS IS NOT A KIDS MOVIE!!

Another movie I enjoyed this year was Jumping the Broom. It was funny and romantic and I really enjoyed it.

When it’s All Said and Done

It’s sad to think that this is the last blog I’ll post as an undergraduate at Saint Peter’s College, but  my experience there has been something that I will never change. Trying to think of how I should end my blog as an undergraduate I decided that telling my readers my top 5 favorite movies it is. 🙂 Now for me this was extremely hard to do because through out this experience I’ve gained a few new favorites to include amongst my list of favorite movies.

Ok, let’s start with the one movie that I can’t miss when it’s on tv, no matter how hard I try to turn from this movie it keeps me laughing and that movie is…The Hangover! This movie since I watched it for the first time last year on DVD has me hooked. This is one of the movies I wished that I took the time out to go see in the theaters because it didn’t disappoint me. From the beginning of this movie until the credits this movie will have you laughing. This isn’t a children’s movie at all but I will definitely recommend this movie for a good laugh.

Now to my 3 for one movie because I honestly couldn’t chose. The Breakfast Club, For Keeps, and Sixteen Candles, are my top 3 favorite Molly Ringwald movies as well as 3 of my favorite movies. Since I couldn’t mention one without the other 2 I have to give you all three. I would say these three movies are my childhood/teenage movies. Ever since I was young when these three movies came on I was glued to the television.

Another three for one, (I told you it was going to be hard for me) Friday, Next Friday, and Friday After Next, are three of my all time favorite movies. Nothing is like the original Friday (in my book the classic) but the other two definitely hold their ground. WARNING:THESE THREE MOVIES AREN’T FOR CHILDREN!!! It’s your choice to let your children watch whatever you feel but Next Friday and Friday After Next is very raunchy and maybe that’s why I love it!

It’s the kid in me ,but whenever The Wiz comes on television I have to watch it. I love The Wizard of Oz too but there’s nothing like The Wiz in my book. The music is incredible and since I LOVE anything that has to deal with Michael Jackson that’s just a bonus. This is a movie for all ages.

Last but certainly not least is The Dark Knight. When I went to see this movie in the theater in 2008, I had the urge to go see it again. There’s not many movies I would pay twice to see but this movie was one of them. The movie is great all the way through the action scenes and the jokers mild comedy is great. For this to be Heath Ledger’s last movie, couldn’t have been a better movie. Heath embraced the character of the Joker so much that during the movie you forget that it is him. Christian Bale does a great job at being Batman and there isn’t anything bad I can say about this movie.

Now that I’ve given you top “5” favorite movies I think that you will all see how  I chose the movies that I went to see during this process. I have comedy, drama, action, fantasy, and horror (which I never thought I would have experienced to blog about). I won’t say this is my last blog, because I love the movies, but it is my last as a college student at Saint Peter’s and I loved the experience. 🙂

Just in time for the holidays

As the holidays are approching there’s one thing I can think of FOOD! Delicious lick your plate type food, Turkey, Yams, Pie, Cake, you name it and I’m thinking of it. But since my blog isn’t about food the only movie that comes to mind during this time of year is my FAVORITE holiday movie…..A Christmas Story!! Who hasn’t heard of the movie about young Ralphie Parker and his dream of getting a BB gun for Christmas and the only nice reply he gets is “You’ll shoot your eye out”? If you really never seen A Christmas Story  you must live underneath a rock on a different planet. Ever since I can remember I’ve been given the opportunity to watch this movie not once not twice but for 24 hours each Christmas! You have to say you’ve seen it atleast once, but if you haven’t don’t shoot your eye out, I have the trailer and on Decemeber 24-25 you can see it for a full 24 hours! I “double dog dare you” to watch this movie. 🙂


It’s a holiday weekend and despite the movie Unstoppable being released three weeks ago the theater was pack, and from what I took from the movie I can see why. Unstoppable is action packed and keeps you on the edge of you seat the entire movie. Trying to come up with a plan to stop this unmanned train isn’t easy. I’ll admit I was trying to figure out a way that they could stop the train as well as the couple sitting next to me. Denzel Washington brings his “A game” to this movie just like he does with all his movies. Chris Pine does an excellent job portraying the new employee that has an unlucky first day.

This is one of those movies that makes you think. Could you imagine an unmanned train rolling through your city at 60 mph with no way to stop it?  Let’s not forget to mention that the chemicals that it’s carrying will blow up an entire city if it crashes. Yes, this movie is a go see.

Frank(Denzel Washington), thinks that he’s about to enjoy another regular day on the job, training a new employee Will(Chris Pine). Everything is going well until he receives a call from the station telling him to change tracks because there’s an unstoppable train headed in his direction. Frank and Will have a choice follow the rules that has been given or figure out a way to stop the train.